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El Salvador's shield

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Officially adopted the 15 of September of 1912, along with blue and White Flag of the Federation, the Shield of El Salvador has the following figures:

An equilateral Triangle:

  1. In the base of the triangle a mountain range formed by five volcanos, the waters of two seas bathe the mountain range.

  2. In the superior part of the triangle, a rainbow; it lowered the rainbow, the cap frigio of incarnated color, scattering lights; on the lights, in semicircle, legend 15 OF SEPTEMBER OF 1821.

  3. Around the triangle, in gold letters the words REPUBLIC OF El Salvador IN CENTRAL AMERICA .

In the base of the triangle, the GOD legend UNION FREEDOM , to each side of the triangle, two flags one with two blue strips and one white in the center, that are interlaced in half of the base of the triangle, and an equal flag in the superior vertex. All in spear that finishes in a lance; and two interlaced branches of laurel in circular form, that finishes in the two superior lateral flags, each one with seven gores.

The triangle indicates that all we are equal before the law; the angles, the three powers of the Government: Legislative, Executive and Judicial.

In the Mountain range the volcanic nature of our ground and the five nations are represented that form America center.

Both seas are the Atlantic and the Pacific, that bathe the Central American coasts.

The rainbow is peace symbol.

The cap frigio proclaims the luminous freedom and rays that surround it, the ideals of the Salvadoran town. The legend put on the luminous space indicates the date of our political emancipation. Our condition of members of a single mother country, the Central American is expressed in the legend of the rededor. The words placed on the foot indicate our belief in a Supreme Being, the harmony that must reign in the Salvadoran family and the principle of independence that prevails to us in the thought, the word and the action. The five flags represent the five Central America nations.

In the laurel branches the glory is symbolized that we must conquer in all the aspects of the human activity. Finally, the 14 gores represent the 14 departments in which administratively the republic of El Salvador is divided.

The original design of the shield belongs to the Salvadoran handwriting expert Rafael Barraza Rodriguez, who overcame in the aid promoted to the effect by the Ministry military and Navy. It had thirty competitors. Not satisfied with the bases with the contest, Mr. Barraza Rodriguez added to the Shield the five pavilions to him of El Salvador that surround to the triangle and both laurel branches that include the set. A decree of the National Assembly, emitted the 20 of March of 1916 and published in the Official Newspaper seven days later, gave force him of law to the two added standards.

The Congress presided over Don J. M. Batres; President of the Republic was Don Carlos Meléndez, and Minister military doctor Enrique Córdova.

The Original ones of the Shield elaborated by Mr. Rodriguez Barraza, one in black and another one in colors, were exhibited in the display cabinets of Sagrera Ironworks, of the capital, several days of the month of August of 1912, along with the works of the other offerers.

It refers a cronista that in front of the exhibition began to march past public inhabitant of the capital "and all the glances stopped with insistence in the shield of the laurels and the pavilions".

The law orders that the Shield is placed in all the ports and public offices. Llevara'n with all its emblems: The great seal of the Nation, the seal of the Secretariat of the National Assembly, the one of agent of the Government and the Courts of Justice.

Also the Shield in the furniture or vehicles of national property, in the paper of the correspondence of the Supreme Powers of the State and by the particular people or institutions in each celebration or national duels will be able to be used. The executive authority will be able to also authorize the use of the Shield, on condition that it does not take to the legend "Republic of El Salvador in Central America" and "God Union Freedom", either the laurel branches. The pavilions of the rededor can be suppressed voluntarily.

The people who will use or will order the use of the Shield in form and way different from which the law prescribes, will be punished very governmentally with a fine of fifty colons by each infraction.

In the same date in which it was changed the Federal Flag also modified the Shield of Arms of El Salvador. The Decree is dated the 20 of April of 1865, the 18 of following May published the newspaper "the Faro".De conformity with this Decree the Shield this placed in medallón round with the color edges mahogany.

In the inferior space of the shield, a similar volcano to the Izalco in superior space, 9 stars in semicircle that represent the nine of departments of that year.

To both sides of the Shield two horns descend from abundance spill flowers and fruits of the country. Of the union of the horns it takes a vertical that maintains to a cap frigio.

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